Edinburgh skyline as seen from Calton Hill, Scotland

Top Things to do in Edinburgh

by Northern Life

Discover the historic capital of Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is also considered to be the Gothic Capital of the World. Additionally, it is also known as the City of Literature. Edinburgh houses some of the most ancient castles and has a lot to offer in terms of history. While exploring the castles of this mesmerizing city you will be stepping on the same stones and standing in the same rooms as some of the most notable kings and queens of European history.

Edinburgh has multiple other things to offer that will keep you entertained.  The city is filled with clubs, pubs, bars and casinos for the lovers of nightlife. It has many art galleries, museums, and gardens that provide wholesome experience for all its tourists. You will, indeed, find yourself constantly kept busy with your to-do list when in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

Visit Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle has been standing on Castle Rock in Edinburgh, Scotland, since the 12th century. It is monumental in pre-historic architecture and elegance. The Great Hall and St. Margaret’s Chapel are the most popular attractions in the castle. Additionally, you can visit the Royal Palace. It housed centuries of kings and queens in its ancient chambers. You will have different routes to and through the castle to choose from, depending on how much time you want to spend touring it.

Enjoy Museums and galleries for free

The National Museum of Scotland has galleries showcasing ancient to contemporary history. Moreover, its rooftop terrace has a fantastic view of the city. The Writers’ Museum is dedicated to all Scotland’s incredible and renowned writers. Alternatively, you can also check out the Scottish National Gallery to see some of Titian, Raphael, and Botticelli’s best work. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery recreated Paolozzi’s art studio for visitors.

Taste a popular drink at the Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch Whisky Experience is located on Castlehill in Edinburgh’s Old Town. A whisky visitor’s attraction offers whisky tutoring sessions and tasting. The Scotch Whisky Experience has the most extensive collection of whiskies in the world. As a result, it houses 3,300 different bottles of whisky. The Amber Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and Whisky Bar offer the finest Scottish cuisine. On the other hand, you can shop for whisky, chocolates and other souvenirs at their shop. The entire attraction is open for tours to visitors and has proved very popular over the years.

High above the city of Edinburgh loom Salisbury Crags, part of a volcanic formation several million years old known as Arthur’s Seat. The spot is popular with walkers and tourists.

Walk to the top of Arthur’s Seat

For one, one of the locations for Camelot can be Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is an ancient volcano with a hill fort occupying its summit. It holds significant importance in Scottish history and mythology. David the First thought his life had been spared from the attack of a stag through divine intervention at the foot of Arthur’s Seat. Robert Fergusson writes of the slopes of Arthur’s Seat, where the ladies of Edinburgh go to wash their faces in the dew on May Day, believing that the dew will provide them happiness, health and make them more beautiful.

Get lost in the Royal Botanical Garden

Apart from being a tourist attraction, the Royal Botanical Garden is also a study centre. As such, it conducts studies of the diversity and conservation of plants. On the other hand, it includes a living collection, a herbarium, and a library. It is divided into four different gardens. Its famous Rock Garden woodland gardens are a must-visit for tourists. Numerous glasshouses add a touch of man-made elegance to the beauty of nature. Without a doubt, visiting these exhibitions and collections is an excellent choice for your visit to Edinburgh.

Walk through Princes Street

Princes Street is the main shopping street in Edinburgh. It was named after King George III’s sons. The street runs a mile long and has several shops, cafés, and pubs to visit. You will find most shops at the northern end of the street. The southern side looks over the valley at the Old Town of Edinburgh. During summer, open theatre performances and concerts liven the street up at the Ross Bandstand. Furthermore, Princes Street has numerous statues, monuments, and a beautiful floral clock for visitors to admire.

Enjoy the nightlife

Scottish people love to have fun and, as such, Edinburgh has a variant and vibrant nightlife. Although it is the City of Literature, Edinburgh has numerous casinos, clubs, pubs, and bars to keep you busy. The entertainment area in the Old Town is quite traditional. On the other hand, New Town has bars and clubs which are modern and trendier. You can easily hit a couple of bars in Old Town and cross the bridge to New Town to enjoy a stylish end to the night. You can also visit some of Edinburgh’s most exquisite land-based casinos, alternatively you can enjoy multitude casino games from the comfort of your home by visiting casino online uk. Whatever choice you make this beautiful city will always find ways to pleasantly surprise you.