Super cool things you didn’t know you wanted, until now | Gift ideas

1These holographic wildlife books are magical

The opening essay focuses on conservation efforts around the world and answers the question: What exactly does it mean to protect or save an endangered animal? It includes stories of interesting and unique conservation efforts, including some inspiring success stories. The profile accompanying each animal image include information on conservation efforts for that particular species. Animals featured include: Amur Leopard, Pangolin, Panda, Honey Bee, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Albatross, Gorilla.

Only £16.88

2These mechanical paper toys will blow your mind

Great fun and creative. It’s not often you can say this with 100% commitment, but we cannot stress enough how fantastic these paper creations are. This book includes a range of tasks ranging from fairly simple to pretty advanced. It’s called paper engineering, and it’s brilliant!

Only £16.89

3The perfect cake server

Anything that makes eating cake easier is genius in our book.

Only £10.99

4This floating mug eliminates the need for a coaster

floating mug

And it looks pretty damn awesome too!

Only £9.99

5This indoor mini fireplace would come in handy

Perfect for enjoying a glass of wine on a cold winter night.

Only £55.00

6These pixelated playing cards will mess with your head!

Don’t ask us how they work… we can only assume it’s magic!

Only £10.00

7LED USB Clock Fan

A cool way to tell the time – this is the only desktop clock that is truly fantastic.

Only £9.98

8This eye-catching bookend


This dramatic bookend looks fantastic.

Only £17.34

9Or maybe the Supershelf is more your style


Also available as Wondershelf £19.99

The shelf that defies gravity. A special bookshelf that gives a ‘floating-on-air’ feeling. The superhero character seems to easily stop the books from falling down to the ground.

Only £20.20

10This candle automatically makes a new candle from its melted wax

Not only does this candle stick stop the meted wax from going everywhere, it conveniently contains it in a mould. When you candle has burnt out, all of the wasted wax goes towards a new candle – simple but effective. Don’t get sucked in to the thought that this candle will last forever, it will get shorter each time. Still a gerat way to get the most out of you candles.

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