The Valentine Years

The Valentine Years | Poetry

by Northern Life

by Brian Croft

Shyly we‘d pass the note across the desk;
Your schoolgirl eyes would look into mine.
And as you read the simple words,
I‘d know you were my Valentine.

As teenage years flew by, we‘d feel
The passion that would rule our hearts and minds
And as each spring approached I‘d know
That you were still my Valentine.

When wedding bells rang out we pledged
That we would live as one in love divine
That we would always honour and obey
And always be each other’s Valentine.

And later in the middle years our lives
Rolled on together, completely intertwined
As lovers and companions we would stay
Growing older as two ageing Valentines.

Now, when your shining hair has turned to grey
And the face I loved is traced with lines
With hand on heart, I have to say:
Clear off, I’ve got a younger Valentine.