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The Ultimate Guide: Best Night Skincare Routine

by Northern Life

Many are exposed to the same sunlight as we are, but they somehow manage to avoid any signs of sun damage and breakouts. One of the secrets to beautiful skin lies in their everyday skincare routine. But unlike what you have been told before, skincare routines are more than just using products you see people raving about.

While incorporating just one step of a skincare routine is preferable to none, the ideal skincare regimen consists of 9 steps. If you want to improve the complexity of your skincare, take a cue from the Northern Life Magazine by reading the steps below.

1. Cleanser

Bacteria are bound to accumulate on your face after a long day of doing various activities. So, the first step in establishing a basic night-time routine is to apply a suitable face wash. Use an oil-based cleanser if you have sensitive or dry skin. However, if you have oily skin, use a water-based cleanser instead, such as the Garnier face wash.

How you clean your skin also matters. Overdoing it will deplete your skin’s natural oils, making your face dry, sensitive, and possibly even oilier as your skin overproduces oil to compensate. On the other hand, not washing your skin thoroughly will cause acne to accumulate in your pores. It is all about striking the perfect balance.

2. Toner

While some consider toner an unnecessary part of a skincare routine, others claim it as a holy grail. It has become a constant presence in the ever-changing world of beauty. Though, it may not be as powerful as a cleanser or serum, it is still regarded as a game-changer that can significantly enhance your skin.

Toners help balance pH levels in our bodies, which comes as no surprise, but did you know the benefits extend far beyond that? Aside from removing oil, dirt, and traces of makeup that a cleanser cannot, toner also aids in the removal of any dust and pollution on your face during the day. So, the next time you plan to skip this step, don’t.

3. Antioxidant Serum

Facial serums are potent skincare products that supply active ingredients to the skin. It can treat skin problems, such as swelling, acne, open pores, and even wrinkles. Moreover, the texture of a serum is lightweight, allowing them to rapidly absorb into the skin.

To make it even better, the serum contains antioxidants that aid in preventing or limiting free radical damage caused by humanity’s worst enemy: the sun. Free radicals have a tarnished reputation, but they are not without merit. The issue arises when there are more free radicals than antioxidants; your cells are prone to damage without sufficient antioxidants.

4. Moisturizer

Regardless of your skin type, keeping your skin hydrated with a moisturizer should always be a part of your skincare routine. It is essential to replenish the moisture lost by your skin after cleansing or after a long day in the sun. In addition, moisturizers help to protect your skin from fine lines and wrinkles.

When your skin is adequately moisturized, it will appear to be firmer, plumper, and more luminous. The tip is to apply the moisturizer in upward strokes while your face is still damp, as this allows it to enter the pores. Your skin will soak up the moisturizer almost instantly, and it will be completely absorbed within a few minutes.

5. Spot Treatment

If acnes are your current bugbear, you might need to rely on spot treatments to soothe them. Spot treatments instantly deliver acne-fighting ingredients to the affected area, further reducing redness, inflammation, and pain. They can also help to soften or disintegrate the pore blockage that precipitated the blemishes on your face in the first place.

There are numerous spot treatments available, ranging from low-cost drugstore finds to high-end designer brands. However, they are all similar as long as it includes active acne-fighting ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, and differin.

6. Sunscreen

We are all aware that sunscreen is an essential component of any skincare regimen. If you live in Iceland, Norway, Canada, Alaska, Sweden, or any other country where the sun shines at night, this step should never be skipped. This is because the sun emits natural energy in the form of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can aggravate the outer layer of your skin.

UV rays can be classified into two types: Ultraviolet A (UVA), which is liked to ageing and Ultraviolet B (UVB), which can cause extreme sunburn. Therefore, skincare product such as Cetaphil sunscreen serves as a shield for your skin cells, protecting them from unwanted damage.

7. Eye Cream

Eye cream often gets overlooked when it comes to innumerable products on the market today. But consider this: have you ever noticed how your eyes give you away the next day after a long night of no sleep? Well, that is not by chance.

The skin around your eyes is more delicate than the rest of your body. It is thinner and has fewer oil glands to keep it hydrated. So, if you want to avoid looking old in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s, it is about time to start incorporating an eye cream into your skincare routine.

8. Face Mask

It is time to start using an overnight face mask if you want to step up your beauty game. A face mask generally provides your skin with the base hydration it needs. Additionally, the formulas used to create them constantly evolve, ranging from homemade traditional clay masks to peel-off masks.

Face masks are also packed with varying benefits but are typically high in hydrating and anti-wrinkle ingredients. They are available for every skin type and concern imaginable, making them a must-have in every home. If you have not used a face mask before, take this a sign to use one tonight!

9. Everything Silk

Did you know that sleeping on silk bedding can help your skin stay hydrated? Silk helps lock moisture in your skin and reduces pressure on acne-prone skin. The best thing is that your body will also thank you in the morning. Moreover, the friction-free surface of silk helps to reduce crazy frizz in your hair and provides extra comfort to your body. Now, who would not want that?

Remember, the most essential aspect of your routine is creating one you know will stick to. Skincare does not work after just one application; it requires a consistent daily routine. If you cannot commit, then be ready to say hello to a grandma’s skin texture.