The Ultimate Festival Guide

by Northern Life

Northern Life's festival tips to help put you on the right path...

Up north we’re extremely lucky to have lots of camping festivals. You’ve got your ticket, now it’s time to think about packing. Camping at a festival is a brilliant experience, but the last thing you want to happen is forgetting your toothbrush in the middle of the countryside! You also don’t want to be carrying a heavy load of unnecessary items through mud in the wrong shoes either! Remember it’s you who has to carry everything to the campsite, so pack smart…



  • Tickets

This one goes without saying: no ticket, no entry!


  • ID

Often your ticket requires a match to your ID. Also many onsite stalls will require ID when serving alcohol so remembering this is essential, especially given the long lines! You don’t want to be queuing for 30 minutes to be denied a beverage.


  • Phone

Maybe another no-brainer, unless you want a true technology free weekend! Phones are important if you have an e-Ticket or your mates go skipping off somewhere and you need to find them! Be aware, there might not be much signal in the fields.


  • Portable Charger

Smart phones batteries can be fickle at the best of time and it’s not going to last a full weekend. Remember to bring a portable charger, ensure that it’s also charged before you leave the house!


  • Sunscreen

With great weather, comes great responsibility. Don’t go home looking like a lobster, whack on some sunscreen and protect yourself from the burn.

Although most stalls will probably accept card and contactless payments its always good to bring some physical cash just in case. Typically, festivals will also have onsite cashpoints but save yourself some queueing time and withdraw it beforehand.


  • Bum Bag

Not only a festival fashion classic but also an essential one. Festivals can be crowded places and the last thing you want is something to fall out of your pocket and get trampled on! Save the incessant self-pat down and have all your valuables close by and secure.


  • Water Bottle

Hopefully your festival will be nothing but clear skies and sunshine so it’s important to stay hydrated. Get yourself a water bottle and use the onsite water fountains on the campsite to save money!


  • Waterproof Coat

Always be prepared for the drizzle.


  • Wellies

Unfortunately, the British weather doesn’t always listen to our prayers so festivals can be wet and muddy places, don’t ruin your new expensive trainers, get yourself some comfy wellies. Have a boogie in the puddle!


  • Backpack

Make sure you bring a bag that can fit all your clothes and some camping supplies, so you don’t have to keep returning to the car. Often the car parks can be a trek from the camping site, and by the third journey, it isn’t fun anymore!


  • Tent

A tent is one of the most important things you need to bring. There are lots of different options from instant pop-up tents to a six-person dome tent. Use what works best for you, if you choose to set up your own tent a good idea would be to set it up before you go to make sure there are no issues with the tent, and you are confident in setting it up on the camping grounds. You don’t want to arrive to find a big rip in the door or missing poles!

  • Sleeping Bag

Make sure you get a warm, cosy sleeping bag as you’ll be using it all weekend.


  • Camping Mat

A foam matt that you put under your sleeping bag to stop you sleeping on top of rocks or uneven ground.


  • Pillow

Make sure you bring get a pillow that is suitable for camping. You can find blow up pillows that pack lightly!


  • Torch

After the dancing is over, having a torch is handy for those late-night journeys to the toilets, you don’t want to be tripping over the pitched tents!


  • Toilet Paper

This is a must. Better to be safe, than sorry. Prevent any unnecessary stresses and take a roll with you.


  • Camping Chair

Some of the memorable times at a festival is sitting around the campfire and having a natter with pals, don’t be the only one stood or sat on the floor.


  • Bin Bags

A clean camp is a happy camp. Clean as you go and remember to leave no trace when you leave!

Toiletries and Personal Items


  • Wet Wipes

Who needs a shower? Use wipes for a quick baby-wipe clean.


  • Dry Shampoo

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a bad hair day after a day of dancing about, give yourself a quick spray and you’re ready for the new day again.


  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Easy to forget such an everyday item! Keep your festival breath smelling minty after the morning sausage bap from the food truck.


  • First Aid Kit

It’s always safe to have a first aid kit on hand for any injuries.


  • Paracetamol

Helps with the morning hangover!


  • Ear Plugs

Getting your eight hours sleep at a festival can be difficult, your ears will thank you!