Traditional turkish food menemen, made by eggs, sausage (sucuk) and tomatoes.

The Top 5 Vegan Dishes from Turkey

by Northern Life


When people think of Turkish cuisine, they frequently think of kebabs and meat, but did you know that it’s pretty simple to obtain stress-free vegan food in Turkey? You can even find it close to home in a restaurant that serves Turkish cuisine.

If you are ready to broaden your culinary horizons, the following are dishes that are tasty and completely free of animal products that you should look out for when you visit Turkey.

Menemen (Turkish Omelet)

Menemen is a delicious traditional Turkish meal you should try out if you don’t mind. It’s similar to a traditional Turkish omelet but has a spicier flavor and is packed with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers for added nutrition.

In Turkey, this dish is typically consumed for breakfast and may be found for sale close to places like eateries and bus terminals. As is the case with the vast majority of Turkish recipes, you should ensure that you have enough bread to accompany this dish to enjoy it and sop up any remaining liquids.


Gozleme (Crepe)

If you go to a restaurant that serves traditional Turkish food, you might not be able to find gozleme on the menu very often, but if you see it on the menu, you should order it.

The Gozleme is a type of Turkish crepe that is served packed with an abundance of vegetables and has no discernible flavor. There is a good deal of variety; for example, it can be packed with spinach (known as ispnakli) or potatoes (patatesli.)

Be careful to request a gozleme that does not contain cheese if you are a staunch vegan, and try to avoid anything containing dairy components (peynirsiz.)

Cig Kofte (Raw Meatballs)

This meal does not include any meat. Although the name may not be immediately apparent, Cig Kofte was traditionally prepared with ground beef until quite recently.

On the other hand, meaty cig kofte is not something you will see very often in Turkey and is sometimes even prohibited there. However, if you seek it at Turkish restaurants or on Turkish street corners, you will almost certainly only find the spicy vegetarian variant.

The meal is prepared by combining tomato paste, bulgur, and red pepper paste. If you want to be specific, you can inquire as to whether or not it is the vegan version and whether or not it contains any meat.

Ev Yemekleri (Home Cooking)

Now, this one isn’t so much a meal as it is a location where you’ll discover the great potential of being given vegan Turkish food.

Even while some non-Turkish people identify Turkish cuisine with meat, the fact is that traditional home-cooked Turkish dishes are much more vegan-friendly than the majority of people believe they are.

You may anticipate finding a sizable selection of vegan meals at the vast majority of the restaurants in Ev Yemekleri.


Cezerye is the ideal vegan snack for you if you plan on exploring the Turkish streets and want to eat something while you’re out and about.

This peculiar treat is created from carrots that have been boiled for a very long time to extract all of the vegetable’s natural sweetness before being processed into a vividly colored snack. After that, chopped hazelnuts or walnuts are scattered throughout the dish.

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You now know the answer! If you find yourself in Turkey, don’t worry about finding a place to eat if you follow a vegan diet; no matter where you are, you will always be able to locate a restaurant that serves vegan food.