The Science of Love: 6 Surprising Facts about Love

Facts About Love

The Science of Love: 6 Surprising Facts about Love

World Heart Day, 29th of September

Berlin, 23.09.2014– From birth to death, love is something that we can’t seem to get enough of. But why? With the upcoming celebration of World Heart Day, Elite Singles looks at the science behind the most powerful human emotion.

Facts About Love

  1. Men are more likely to say “I love you” first

Who’d have thought it? It’s commonly believed men are the most afraid to utter the three important words. Research reported in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, however, found this to be untrue; men much more likely to profess their love first.

  1. Lovers heartbeats are in sync

According to recent studies, the heartbeats of long-term couples begin to beat at the same speed. It was even observed that it is the woman’s heart that adjusts to the male heartbeat. Scientists are unable to explain the phenomenon –but it certainly is romantic!

  1. Falling in love is like a drug

When we start to fall in love our body’s dopamine levels rise in a similar way to when people take drugs like cocaine. The pleasure associated with this feeling is, of course, a main reason for addiction. But it also increases the bodies’ release of testosterone, which is needed for mutual attraction. The conclusion? Love is one of the safer hedonistic habits for our health!

  1. Love drives us crazy

We’ve all been there – complete infatuation with someone when you initially fall in love. These feelings of obsession and over-protectiveness have a biological explanation: our serotonin levels. The low levels people have when they’re head over heels are comparable to the effect of anxiety disorders like OCD. This is what makes being in love unique, and why we may act like fools on occasion; your body is driven crazy by thinking of your loved one.

  1. Holding hands with your partner can reduce pain

Love’s effect may even help mitigate physical pain. According to a study of women’s reactions to mild burns by University of California psychologists, those that were holding hands with their loved one noticed less pain than others. So while we may occasionally be hurt by our loved ones, scientifically they’re actually the antidote to pain.

  1. Finding love in the mirror?

People tend to fall in love with someone who reminds them of themselves! Similarity in the face, hair & eye color – even the shape of the ear – have all been observed to have impact on attraction! This may explain the oft-seen phenomenon of couples who look like they could be siblings!



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