The Pooter

It’s childish, we know. But it’s just so funny. The Pooter is possibly the most fun we’ve had. Simple things amuse us!

Jack Vale isn’t a household name yet, but maybe he should be. Jack is somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to fart noise related toys. Jack noticed a serious lack in realistic sounding fart machines (I’m sure we’ve all felt something is lacking in the market!). Having tried a number of devices, both manual and electronic, his search found nothing that satisfied his high standards.

So, Jack took matters into his own hands. Introducing The Pooter! According to Jack “The Pooter sounds more like a real fart than anything else on the market. It is a simple, handheld device that pushes air out through a small hole and into the palm of your hand, thus producing the most authentic fart sound known to man! The Pooter requires NO BATTERIES and conceals in the palm of your hand!”

Unlock your inner child!

Just watch the reactions in the video below to get a grasp on the level of humour we’re talking about here; it’s not high brow (far from it)! Now, we can’t advise using your Pooter in a public space but this video proves that farting is funny!

Ok, I’m sold where can I get my own Pooter?

Unfortunately, the original Pooter is only available in the US via Jack Vale’s website. However, all is not lost, there is an alternative available via Amazon for £7.99 and it’s pretty much the same.


One reviewer on Amazon said:

This has been the most fun I have had in ages with a toy. Really brings out the kid in you. I can never get enough. I just love to see the discust in people’s faces when you fart. It’s also a great cover up for when you have done a real one. Ha ha. I have realised most women hate this product. Us men enjoy the simple fun in life. Women just grow up. It’s not a good thing to do that growing up business. Anyway it is the best product to buy. Everyone should have one.




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