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The Physical and Mental Benefits of Massage

by Northern Life

Sometimes it’s nice to treat ourselves to a relaxing massage, but what are the benefits of massage? And what are the various types of massage? This is what we will be exploring in our article. So, sit back and relax, and get ready to feel informed.

Warning: this article will have you wanting to book your next massage treatment!

What is Massage?

So, what is massage? Put simply, massage is the art of someone manipulating the muscles and body. Massage therapists are trained in the different techniques of a massage. You can also perform massages on your loved ones and even on yourself on the areas that you can reach. For instance, you could massage your legs, hands and feet.

Some Different Types of Massage

There are plenty of different types of massage that employ specific techniques. We couldn’t possibly cover them all here, but the following are some of the main types of massage styles.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is an extremely gentle style of massage. It’s, therefore, suited to those who are new to massage and who are seeking a full-body massage. It’s also a good idea for those people who carry a lot of tension in their muscles or who are extremely sensitive to touch. In terms of the techniques of this massage, the therapist will use circular motions, kneading and strokes that travel in the direction of the heart. This is one of the most relaxing massages that you can choose.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is arguably a less relaxing form of massage, due to the intensity of the pressure used. Sports massages are ideal for people recovering from injuries or who have sore or tight muscles. They can also be a good preventative measure for injuries, as they can reduce pain and increase flexibility. Plus, sports massages can be helpful in reducing anxiety and tension. Depending on the area of your body that you wish to target, this style of massage can be focused on one area or your entire body.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a wonderful mix of relaxation and targeted tension and pain relief. The massage therapist will use hot stones in addition to their hands to perform this massage. The heated stones will be placed over your body and your massage therapist may use them to apply different types of pressure to your body. If you would prefer cold stones, then your massage therapist will likely be able to accommodate this.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massages are a good option for people who wish to have an emotional healing element to their massage. This type of massage may be able to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression, and this can help to boost your mood. The use of essential oils helps to add to the air of relaxation thanks to their feel and pleasant smell. If you have a specific preference, then it’s a good idea to let your massage therapist know beforehand so that they can prepare. The oils allow your massage therapist to apply gentle pressure and strokes using their hands to target specific areas of your body. You will also be able to breathe in the essential oils as typically a diffuser will be used in the room. This adds to the air of relaxation.

The Physical Benefits of Massage

  • Massage may be able to ease muscle pain and tension. Massage may be able to help relieve headache pain and pain linked to neck and back soreness.
  • It can increase blood flow.
  • Massage can help to improve insomnia and sleep issues in some individuals. This is because massages can reduce the cortisol (stress hormone) in your body. In turn, it can increase serotonin and dopamine, and these are the mood-regulating hormones.
  • Massage may improve the look and feel of the skin. This includes evening skin tone.
  • Using a natural oil on your back and skin may be able to improve spots and breakouts. For example, CBD is a compound in the cannabis plant. It can be made into many different products, such as CBD oil, CBD gummies and CBD vapes. However, there are also forms of topical CBD that get applied directly onto your skin. For example, you can purchase CBD creams, moisturisers, bath bombs and even CBD infused massage oil, which you can use as part of your massage. Not only using CBD oil for pain can provide needed relief, but it also comes with many potential benefits for the skin. For instance, CBD has shown potential at preventing acne by ensuring the regular production of sebum. What’s more, it may also be able to help reduce the scars caused by acne. Acne is common on the back, and, therefore, applying CBD massage oil to your skin could help to improve it.
  • Massage may be able to improve your flexibility.

The Mental Benefits of Massage

  • Massages can help individuals to feel less anxious and stressed. Research suggests that massage may be able to help treat people suffering from depression.
  • It can enhance relaxation and lower stress levels.
  • It can improve your connection with a loved one if they are the one performing the massage.
  • It can give you a burst of energy and leave you feeling refreshed.
  • Booking a massage with a loved one or friend can be a great bonding experience. It can also be a wonderful gift idea.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to massage therapy, for both your mental and physical health. You don’t even need to pay huge amounts for a massage at a spa, as you can get a loved one to massage you in the comfort of your own home. Consider using a CBD massage oil to level up your massage experience, as it can potentially help to manage the health of your skin. Begin with a small amount of CBD massage oil if you’re new to CBD.

We hope that you enjoy your next massage experience!