The Original Wagby Graham Ashworth
Rossendale Books, paperback, £8.99

A one-night stand with a soccer star leaves Lily pregnant – and being questioned by police after the player is murdered.

Even though she is not guilty the tortuous threads of that encounter were to haunt her. Giving her baby up for adoption in a cruel home for pregnant girls and being pretty well adopted herself by the childless owner of the soccer club and his wife, who take her in, doesn’t smooth all the wrinkles out of life.

Marrying the star player, Frank Clough, who becomes an international star, gives her an easier life-style – hence the Original Wag title – but as his career changes to TV pundit and hers to script-writing his programmes, the ghost from the past is always there to haunt her.

The twists and turns come thick and fast as play flips from end to end in a turmoil of twisted plots and even in riveting climax has its own final twist to continue the Rossendale writer’s track record of readability.



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