The North’s Favourite Sandwich – What’s Between Your Slices?


With around 12 billion consumed each year in the UK, the humble sandwich is clearly a popular choice. It’s unpretentious, creative and accessible. It can be as simple as cheese butty or as extravagant as Wild Woody’s Chill & Grill’s record breaking sandwich that weighed in at a hearty 5,440 lbs. We love a good sandwich here at Northern Life, and we know from experience that an individual’s favourite doesn’t necessarily correlate with choices on the shelf. We’ve seen some pretty interesting creations in our office!

We want to know what is the North’s favourite sandwich.

You may be interested to know that the most expensive sandwich ever made is claimed by fellow Northerner, chef Tom Bridge whose Lancaster Cheese Sandwich was sold on eBay in 2006 for £345. The buyer was clearly a fan of a good sarnie.

British Sandwich Week takes place between 11-17 May 2015 and it is a great opportunity to celebrate the one of our best loved foods and we would love to hear the Northerner’s angle. We’re interested in what you would put in your sandwich, not necessarily what you would choose from the butty shop. This is a ‘no holds barred’, ‘behind closed doors’, deluxe butty.

So go on – what’s between your slices? (let us know in the form below).


Below is a bit of inspiration for you. We’ve put together a selection of recipes that celebrate this most tasty of weeks. Whether it’s in a wrap, and bun or just between two slices of good bread, we’ve got a recipe that’s perfect for you.


Bruschetta with lemon & thyme roast shallots with brie – Deliciously sweet shallots and oozy melted brie. Celebrate sandwich week in style with this speedy brunch idea.

Griddled British asparagus, crab & watercress sandwiches – This sandwich is bursting with fresh seasonal ingredients, perfect for a lunchtime picnic in the sun.

Strawberry French Toast with Cinnamon and Orange Yoghurt Topping With its delicious oozing warm jam centre and subtle cinnamon flavours this recipe will become a lower in sugar family favourite.

The ultimate on the go snack, Chicken, Watercress and Mozzarella Wrap – The combination of ingredients in this healthy wrap recipe are high in protein, antioxidants and flavour!

Warm steak & infused beetroot sandwich with honey & mustard dressing – The king of sandwiches, this meaty dish is a great weekend treat.

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