BOOK REVIEW: The Mistress of Windfell Manor

The mistress of windfell manor

A classic story of marriage for prosperity and identity rather than love and all the problems that brings is well defined in this excellently written novel.

Charlotte Booth enjoys a life in her father’s farm but when a prosperous-looking newcomer makes advances she feels it would be an upward move for the better; after all he’s the new owner of a mill and a mansion.

But life doesn’t go well for the young woman who discovers her husband is not as prosperous as he appears to be, and is a man who demands that everyone does what he wants.

He runs the mill with cruelty, uncaring for any of the workers, and he refuses to allow her to interfere in any way.

But as the Leeds-born author, herself raised on a Yorkshire Dales farm, introduces a series of twists and turns, the story is given a more challenging appeal.

A fast-paced tale with plenty of pathos and contrasts, it has all the making of the first in a series. I can’t wait for author’s verdict on a sequel.


The Mistress of Windfell Manor By Diane Allen
Pan, Paperback, £6.99



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