The Local

by Northern Life

John Williams, Colne

They’re closing down our local, whatever can we do?
It’s been a part of life, in fact for quite a few
Just down the road, in fact not too far
A two minute walk, you don’t need the car.
No nipping out for a pint to see what’s going on
When the old pub shuts all that will be gone
Standing with your mates discussing the latest news
God it’s like the brain trust, they all give their views.
Football, work, women, who’s seeing who
And who’s knocking the new barmaid off, if only we knew
But we’re not alone, local pubs have had their day
That’s how it is, what one can one say?
Beer’s getting dear, you can’t afford to go
And if you go up town, well that’s another show
Those fancy wine bars don’t have a tap room, you’re out of luck
You can’t go straight from work, in your overalls and muck
No, shutting down our local is going to change my life
I’ll have to drink at home, does anybody want a wife?