The Joy of Rossendale

by Northern Life

Jim Atherton, Darwen

I did wend my way at the dawn of the day having quaffed a peck of ale,
Which did quench my thirst yet I felt my lungs would burst
As I strolled through Rossendale
For I was competing with a Mistle Thrush, which sang high up in a Rowan tree
With no one to interfere, t’was just that bird and me,
Oh the joy of the morning breaking , to me it was surprising
For the dawn of the day was on its way, and the pale sun was just rising
The smell of blossoms in the air, plus the bluebells and the clover
There is nought so grand, throughout the land,
One can search the whole world over
My heart dwells here, and I have no fear, for God blessed our county fine
And each girl and boy find love and joy in the county Palatine
Come stroll with me where the air is free, over every hill and vale.
For it is then that you will appreciate, God’s Heaven in Rossendale.