The Honey Trap

BOOK REVIEW: The Honey Trap by Mary Jayne Baker

by David Hall

By Mary Jayne Baker, HarperImpulse, Paperback, £7.99 BUY THIS BOOK

Bingley author Mary Jayne Baker’s debut novel is a cleverly crafted tale with an unusual, if complicated, storyline.

Her characters are carefully created, realistic and human, and, although it is not my particular genre being crude and steamily sexy in many places it runs at pace and with enough twists and turns to confuse a corkscrew.

I have to admire her creative thinking. It is the story of an aspiring journalist who gets her big opportunity when asked to trap a nationally acclaimed film director into spending a night in her hotel room.

Despite the director, Seb Wilchester, being happily married to his film-star wife, he falls for the
honey trap and is fully exposed in a national red-top tabloid.

But as the repercussions continue the author’s skill becomes more apparent in taking surprising turns with the key characters’ mixed emotions creating a very tight tale with a clever climax.

It is fun, and, if you can take to steamy sex scenarios, a brilliant first novel which promises more from an author who can obviously prepare a good plot, well-rounded characters, and pitch them together in a tale that moves along rapidly and smoothly to its ending.