The Face

The Face | Poetry

by Northern Life

Rod Butterworth, Rochdale

It was summer and hot
and Tom had got thirst
so he called in a pub
for a drink – as you do,
it went down very well
and began to feel better
so he ordered another
and another or two.

The drink first refreshed him
but after a few, like,
he began to get flushed
and he needed some air,
when he ventured outside
with a lurch and a wobble
someone called out his name
but no-one was there!

The voice said: “Come here Tom
I’m thirsty like you were
bring me a pint out
and be a good chap!”
Tom followed the voice
and turned to its direction
and a face on a placard
was moving its trap.

“But you’re just an advert,”
said Tom with a tremble
“I don’t know what’s happening
but you’re not alive.”
But the face in the advert
was very insistent
“Fetch me a pint out
or I’ll tell tales to your wife!”

Well, Tom was confused
but he did as ‘face’ told him
he brought out the pint
and put it up to its lips,
“Not all over my chin”
said the face with some anger,
“I don’t gollop my beer
I enjoy little sips!”

Quite unaware that
an audience had gathered
watching Tom splash
all the beer on the floor,
but he jumped round when feeling
a hand on his shoulder
a copper had turned up
and was watching Tom pour.

“And what have we here?”
Asked the copper quite sternly
“If you don’t want your beer
take it back to the bar.”
Tom felt very foolish
but said:“The face asked me
it was very insistent
that’s how all adverts are!”

The crowd all were laughing
But not so, the copper
he kept his composure
in his policeman-like way,
“Go home silly man
before I arrest you
and before men in white coats
come to take you away!”