The Boyfriend

POETRY: The Boyfriend

by Northern Life

Rod Butterworth, Rochdale

Young Vanessa, sweet girl with charm
Had brought her boyfriend, arm in arm,
To meet her mum and dad for tea,
“It’s only right to do’’, said she,
The visit seemed to go quite well,
although with mum t’was hard to tell,
Low-profile dad, well, he knew how
to stay shut up, it saves a row.
The boyfriend thanked her mum and dad
for the pleasant time that he had had
Hoping to see them both some more
Then kissed Vanessa by the door.
Back inside, a change of mood
her mum said, “He was polite, not rude,
But I ,must confess Vanessa dear,
I don’t think he quite fits the in here.”
“He’ll not live long, the man’s too fat
there’s no-one I know eats like that,
Most guests will say they’ve had enough
Even if it’s a bit of bluff.
And furthermore it would appear
He must be twice your age in years,
He’ll soon lose all his go, and worse
before you’re thirty you’ll be his nurse!’’
Vanessa had listened for too long,
at what mum said and she was wrong
“Lord Tubbs is rich and he loves me
and we’ll get married, just you see!’’
Mum changed her mind for now she saw
A very attractive son-in-law,
“Vanessa’’, she said, “it’s good to see
You have the same tastes as me!’’