The Best Ideas For Group Travels

by Northern Life

Group travels are a good way to explore the world with your friends, but to avoid stress, debates, and frustrations, group trips need good planning. These ideas will help you organize an unforgettable trip for your travel group.

Travelling is a lot of fun; even more so if you travel with a group of good friends or like-minded people. But travelling as a group can also have its challenges: You need the right type of accommodation; you need to cut the cost average to where everyone in the group can afford the trip, and you need to find destinations that reconcile everybody’s interests.

Find out about the most popular travel destinations for group trips.

The Portuguese Algarve

Portugal is a wonderful country with many beautiful spots for any kind of traveller. The southern region of Portugal is called the Algarve and is popular for its scenic beaches and fishing villages. It’s the perfect place to combine nightlife, activities like hiking, water sports, and sightseeing, which is why everyone in your group will get their money’s worth.

Book a Private Holiday Home

The best way to accommodate your group during a trip to the Algarve is to book a nice holiday home like the ones you find with Holidu. Why? Because a holiday home will give your travel group freedom. Private rooms within the holiday apartment or house ensure everyone’s privacy, while you can all get together in shared rooms like the living room or the kitchen.

As you are more isolated from others when staying in a holiday home, you and your group can feel free to enjoy your time without having to pay attention to other travellers like families or older people, who just want their peace. You can stay out as long as you want at night and share chores. If being a self-caterer on holiday freaks you out, keep in mind that if every member of your travel group attributes something, your fair share may not be big.

A City Trip

Cities are always great destinations for group travellers because there’s usually so much to do that no member of the group will get bored. In order to create big memories, agree on a town that most people would want to go to: London, New York, Paris, or Cairo are perfect for group trips.

If you want to make sure that everyone is happy, collect everyone’s suggestions on what to do. Then try to spread the different activities throughout the entire trip: Do some sightseeing the first day, visit a specific museum the second day, plan a relaxing day at a park, organize a sports activity, and a day to leave the city to explore the surrounding area. As hotels can be costly in metropolitan areas, you might want to find a decent holiday home instead so that you and your friend can equally share the costs and the chores.

A Party Trip to Majorca

If you’re young, your favourite holiday activity might be partying. If that’s the case, a typical party destination might be the best choice for you. Majorca is popular for its nightlife at the Ballermann 6. The afterpains of long party nights can then be healed at one of the beautiful beaches. If your group is up for a day without partying, you might want to explore the scenic island.

While some travel groups are convinced that there is no place like Majorca, rest assured that there is: What about a group trip to Bulgaria’s Golden Sands with its clubs, bars, and beach parties? Or what about a party trip to Ukraine or even Miami during spring break?

Golden Rules for Group Travels

A trip full of fights and frustration is possibly the worst-case scenario. If you’re planning a group journey, make sure that every single member of the group is happy with the chosen type of accommodation, the costs, the destination, and the planned activities.