Sweet Tomorrows book review

BOOK REVIEW: Sweet Tomorrows

by David Hall

By Debbie Macomber Arrow, paperback, £5.99 BUY THIS BOOK

It ought to be difficult opening a book that marks the final chapter in a series you have not had the pleasure of following, but with this book it doesn’t matter. It flows comfortably. And while the fairly bland cover is not one I would have imagined hid a gripping yarn, it is worth getting past. For Jo Marie, who runs a guest house named Rose Harbour, is in love with Mark but he has gone undercover to Iraq on Army business which she knows nothing about. As his absence grows and she anticipates the worst, she falls in love with Greg. Meanwhile Emily, boarding in Rose Harbour until her job starts as a teacher in a local school, wants to buy a house owned by recluse Nick, and they fall in love.

All the makings of a lovey-dovey match, but that’s where the problems begin. All four have hang-ups which need resolving and the complications grow as the novel unfolds. But Rose Harbour, which has led to so many of its previous lodgers finding healing from a variety of wounds, might just have a trick up its sleeve.

A novel from an accomplished author and one to relish.