Swan Song

Swan Song | Poetry

by Northern Life

Eileen Robinson via email

I met him by the trolley park
We both arrived together
He passed out to me
Remarking on the weather
We pushed our trolleys, side by side
Though not a word was said
He wandered off towards the fish
I shot off to the bread

I knew that we would meet again
On some exotic aisle
It happened among the sweetest spot
Amongst the Tate and Lyle!
He smiled again, then moved away
Towards the beer and wine
My heart was thumping in my chest
Hoping he’d be mine

And there again on different rows
We smiled at one another
I thought at last I’d found a chap
To take and show mi’ mother
Towards the queue with trolley full
I saw his lips were parted
He came up close to where I stood
So thrilled, and happy hearted

I gather near, his words hear
Sweet words to change my life
“Where did you buy that sweater from?’’
I’d like one for my wife.