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We’ve come to the point where we’re literally swimming in plastic, not just us, but our underwater friends too. BBC’s Blue Planet II helped to put plastic pollution on the global agenda thanks to presenter and conservationist, Sir David Attenborough who said, “The plastic in our oceans ought never to have got there in the first place – much of it perhaps ought not to have even been manufactured at all. And yet it is there, in unbelievable quantities, causing untold harm to marine wildlife.

“Once it’s in the sea, it doesn’t really break down properly – it remains there for decades or even centuries. So, unless we get to grips with this quickly, we will soon find our oceans completely dominated by plastic. It’s a prospect that hardly bears thinking about. Strange as it may sound, I would encourage people to treat plastic with respect, because if it escapes into the environment it will remain there for a very long time. If you don’t need it, don’t use it. And if you do use it, be mindful of where you put it.”

Whether it’s saving the environment one step at a time, or helping support people from disadvantaged backgrounds, why not be a little more conscientious when buying the essentials? Northern Life have searched high and low to bring some of our favourite plastic free alternatives, give them a go!

Zero Waste Products

Ethique Body Sampler Soaps £14

Plastic Free

TePe GOOD toothbrush £2.75

Non Toxic Solution to Single Use Trash

TKWide bottle – a nontoxic solution to single-use trash from £25.95


Huski Sustainable Rice Husk Travel Cups Large £11.99 small £9.99


Lovely Handmade Storage Pot £12.95

Recycled Packaging

Carbon Theory Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar £6


Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask 75ml £21.95

Plastic Free

Cutlass Double-Edge Safety Razor £34.99

Plants Trees For Product Sold

Tentree Selkirk Knit Socks £19.95

Say No To Carrier Bags

Frida Kahlo Green Voge Tote Bag £12


Marshmallow Soften & Rejuvenate Facial Oil £17.99

Vegan and Plastic Free

Face Halo Original White Pack of 3 £18


“D” Reusable Tampon Applicator £24.99


NIVEA Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes £3.29

Derived From Tree Resin

Cutting Boards from LIND DNA from £26

Here’s some expert tips on how to reduce your plastic waste from eco expert, Howard Carter, who won a Queen’s Award in recognition of his achievements in the area of Sustainable Development…

  • Choose the fruit/veg without plastic wrappers. And when buying loose, don’t put them in the plastic bags supplied. Either bring your own paper bag or don’t use a bag at all.
  • Make different choices when choosing things like oats, lentils, pasta, cereals as you can buy these loose at larger independent health stores. You can bring a box/jar to put them in instead of a plastic bag.
  • Be choosy! Opt for products with no plastic packaging – lots come in boxes now or biodegradable packaging.
  • Buy your milk in a card carton that can be recycled, rather than a plastic bottle.
  • Always go for natural materials when choosing a product as these can usually be recycled. For example, choose a hairbrush with a handle that’s made from 100% wood and non-plastic bristles as wood can be recycled.
  • Choose soft drinks that come packaged in glass rather than
    plastic. And make sure you
    recycle the glass afterwards.
  • Don’t use straws – they’re not actually necessary for drinking!
  • Don’t buy bottled water, instead switch to using an eco-friendly water bottle, or use a steel one which is anti-bacterial.
  • Get crafty with your items to recycle! (and especially the ones that you can’t!). You can create beautiful gifts from recyclables.

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