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Surviving University

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is university… we promise it’s not that scary! This is a new chapter of your life – one very different…

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is university… we promise it’s not that scary!

This is a new chapter of your life – one very different from your last. This means mum won’t be picking up the dirty laundry off your bedroom floor, dad won’t be driving you around everywhere, and yes, the dishes will actually need to be cleaned, properly! Your parents won’t be there to drag you out of bed to attend your 9am lecture, so it’s time to become a responsible adult, even if you are living on a diet of instant noodles and cheap alcohol.

Here’s Northern Life’s survival kit on starting your adventure at university…

Bedroom Items

The university should provide a bed and other basic bedroom furniture like a desk and chair in your room, but don’t forget the duvet or it will be a very cold night’s sleep. Ear plugs are also important, it can get a little loud in the accommodation…

● Duvet cover
● Medicine
● Bedsheets
● Pillows
● Laundry basket
● Coat hangers
● Earplugs
● Clothes horse

Bathroom Items

You might not have to bring the following products right away, so don’t make your luggage heavier than it should be. You should be able to find them easily at the shops when you arrive…

● Shampoo and conditioner
● Towels
● Toothbrush and toothpaste
● Toilet roll
● Nail clippers
● Hairbrush
● Deodorant


Consider what you need for the season, think a hoodie and scarf for the chilly morning walk to the early lecture and a nice dress for the bars the night before…

● Coats
● Slippers
● Comfy clothes
● Pyjamas
● Formal wear for parties and celebrations
● Underwear
● Socks
● Shoes


University is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Some students can bake a lasagne from scratch, and some can just about butter a slice of toast. Just don’t order takeaways every night, get some cookbooks and save yourself some money!

● Recipe book
● Crockery – microwavable
● Pots and pans
● Glasses and mugs
● Cutlery, sharp knife, and a chopping board
● Food containers
● Small appliances – toaster, sandwich maker, coffee machine
● Cleaning products

Important Documents

Documents are very important for your accommodation and the university, otherwise, you’re not getting in!

● Acceptance letter and all university documents
● Accommodation documents
● Passport/ID card
● Passport photos
● NHS medical number
● Driver’s licence
● Insurance documents
● Bank details


Stationery is a must-have, you don’t want to be nudging the student next to you borrow a pen every day, or the daunting look of your professor because you can’t take down notes….

●Pen Cups
●Sticky Pad
●Paper Clips
● Pens
● Course readers and textbooks
● A4-lined notepads
● Highlighters

Gadgets and Technology

A laptop comes in very handy. It may be an excellent idea to have some headphones for loud nights when the flat next door is partying till the early hours of the morning, or an extension cable to plug in those disco and fairy lights…

● Mobile phone
● Laptop or tablet
● Desk lamp
● Chargers
● Power-extension cable
● USB flash drive
● Portable charger
● Earphones

University can be one of the most amazing times of your life. Moving away from home can be stressful, but every new experience is scary at first. Make sure to prepare the items on the list. And to make your move more manageable, you can trust professionals to help with the packing and the Students Removals.