INFOGRAPHIC According to these stats northerner Steph Blackwell is odds on to win this year’s Great British Bake Off

North vs South Divide! Half as many Northerners enter (25 vs 56 Southerners), but nearly Twice as many have won (5 vs 3)

28-year-old Steph Blackwell from Chester ticks the most boxes

Bookmakers bwin have analysed every episode of the hit TV show to discover what it takes to become the crème de la crème and take home the prestigious award. The analysis reveals which judge is the most vital to impress, how important the Star Baker Award and Technical Challenges are, not peaking too early, the age and geographical location of the most successful bakers, plus more.

Location, Age and Sex:

Twice as many Women (6) have been crowned winners as men (3)

  1. There have only been 3 less male contestants (52) than female contestants (55), but there has been twice as many female winners
  2. 16 of the 55 female contestants have made it to the final, compared to 11 of 52 males

North vs South Divide! Half as many Northerners enter (25 vs 56 Southerners), but nearly Twice as many have won (5 vs 3)

  1. A fifth (5) of the 25 northern bakers that have entered have gone on to win GBBO – Great new for Steph, Dan, Helena and Henry
  2. Of the 56 southern bakers the show has seen, only three have ever won

Youth Trumps Experience! Bakers under 30 are more than twice as likely to reach the final as over 50’s

  1. A third (33%) of finalists aged under 30 made it to the final, whilst only 14% of baker aged over 50 have made it – bad news for 56-year-old Phil
  2. Over a quarter (28%) of contestants aged between 30-39 have made it to the final and a fifth (20%) aged between 40-49 have reached the last episode

Yorkshire & Humber breed winning bakers (4), whilst the South West has provided NO winners or finalists

  1. 9 out of 11 (82%) of entrants from Yorkshire & Humber have made it to the final – 4 winners and 5 finalists. Great news for Dan, Helena, Amelia and David
  2. Of the 45 contestants to enter from London, West Midlands, South West, North East and outside England, none went on to win the show. This could spell trouble for Jamie and Rosie

Judges, Star Baker and Technical Challenge:

Prue’s Technical Challenge winners are more likely to scoop the Star Baker award

  1. From the 6 times the Technical Challenge winner also won Star Baker, 5 of those challenges were set by Prue
  2. In 8 of the last 9 series, one of the bottom three contestants from week one has gone on to reach the final

Contestants must win at least ONE Star Baker award to stand any chance of winning the show

  1. Not one of the 54 bakers who failed to win a Star Baker award has ever won the competition
  2. Only 7 bakers have ever won 3 or more Star Baker awards. All 7 made the final but only 2 of those (29%) ended up winning the entire series

GBBO winner likely to be revealed in the first five episodes

  1. Series 4 winner Frances is the only baker to win the show without earning the Star Baker award in the first 5 episodes of the show
  2. Since Nadiya won in Series 6 with 3 Star Baker awards, not one winner has had less than 2 Star Bakers

Technical Challenges are a must win as all previous winners having won at least one

  1. Nadiya stole the show in Series 6 and won a record 4 technical challenges before being crowned the winner
  2. Winning the technical challenge twice is key – Three quarters (15 of 20) who have done so reached the final

See all of the stats summed up in this infographic by bwin