Spring into Asparagus


AsparagusThe British asparagus season traditionally begins on 1st May and runs for around seven to eight short, but delicious weeks, until the end of June.

MarcusAsparagus is very climate dependent (the soil temperature must be at least 10ºc before it grows), so if it’s been a warm spring then it’s possible to see the first asparagus spears on the shelves in late April.

British asparagus is hailed by leading chefs as the best in the world. While we might all grumble about the British weather, the UK climate allows asparagus stems to develop slowly producing a full, sweet flavour and a fine, tender texture quite unlike any other crop. And because it’s grown on our doorstep, we can enjoy British asparagus at its most flavoursome and nutritious – that’s no doubt why, during the season, we eat every last British asparagus spear ourselves, not one is exported overseas.

Self-taught celebrity chef, Marcus Bean is a gastro-pub chef and regularly appears on ITV’s This Morning and will soon be on new Channel 4 programme,

What’s Cooking. Marcus takes us through the short but sweet asparagus season with a host of different recipes for you to try.




Asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon with scrambled egg




“I love scrambled egg and smoked salmon at any time of the day,

just make sure you don’t overcook the egg! By wrapping the

salmon around the asparagus it gives a great addition and makes

it a perfect dish at any time of the day.”


Serves 2

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 5-10 minutes


You’ll need

• 10 stems of asparagus

• 4-6 slices of good quality smoked salmon

• 3 free range eggs

• Salt & pepper


What to do

To cook the asparagus place in a steamer or cook in a chargrill pan until cooked. Once cooked wrap five stems of asparagus with 2-3 slices of smoked salmon, repeat with the other five

stems. To make the scrambled egg, break three eggs into a small non-stick pan, add a little salt and pepper then whisk together with a fork until mixed. Then cook on a medium to high heat,

making sure you continually stir with a rubber spatula, make sure you scrape all the edges to allow it to cook quicker. Once it’s about half way cooked remove from the heat and continue

stirring, it will continue to cook from the heat of the pan. This helps to make sure you don’t overcook the egg. As soon as the egg is cooked remove from the pan immediately and serve with

your smoked salmon wrapped asparagus. Great for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack!