Spring Forward

by Northern Life

By Amanda Lacey, Rowville, Victoria

Spring Forward! Banish monotonous winter
With its greyness, drabness and grumpy impatience!
Emerge from the womb, ripened and flourish
Free at last from your monochrome cocoon.

Spread seeds of vibrant colour over desolate landscapes,
In a metamorphosis of bright
Diverse forms, each beautiful in its essence.

Bring fun, flirtation and laughter exampled by birds
Who dance and sing, displaying their feathery bling.

Intensify the sun bathing sodden ground,
Evoking your perfumes to awaken creatures in
Search for plump fruits amidst a floral eruption.

Let them join the comedy festival as
Serotonin washes away ill humour
And infernal night is exiled to the extremities.

Enticed by the promise of warmer dazzling days,
New beginnings are welcomed with a buzz,
Compelled to continually grow and blossom.