by Northern Life

By Margaret Taylor, Oswaldtwistle

So happy are we now spring is here;
The very first season of the year.
Bluebells and daffodils, spring flowers galore,
Are spread all over nature’s floor.
Baby birds hatch high up in their nest,
Hedgehogs stretch out and wake from their rest.
Young lambs frolic in fields all around,
Baby rabbits hidden under the ground.
Now is so good a time to be alive,
To see plants and animals really thrive;
The miracle of nature for all to share,
Is spread over the earth everywhere.
Parents’ heads held high with pride,
As they see their daughter become a bride.
Friends and family share their joy,
As she becomes joined to her special boy.
Everything’s new in this season of spring,
The flowers the trees; yes everything.
We sit and wonder, and even treasure,
Why this time of year gives so much pleasure.