So, tha thinks tha’s a Northerner


1. On which date is Yorkshire Day celebrated?

2. Born in Burnley, which Lord of the Rings actor grew up in Wigan and Bolton?

3. In which city is Little Germany?

4. Which famous indie band was formed in Sheffield?

5. Which market town in West Lancashire is known for its gingerbread?

6. Which famous artist was born in Bradford in 1937?


7. With what do you associate Hopstar, Moorhouse and Fuzzy Duck?

8. Where would you attend the Lawrence Batley Theatre?

9. Which famous Yorkshire cricketing umpire has the Christian names Harold Dennis?

10. In the Yorkshire dialect who is ‘Dicky Devlin’?

11. What is the name of Britain’s largest indoor waterpark based in Blackpool?

12. Which hotel in Huddersfield was the official birth-place of rugby league in 1895?

13. In which Yorkshire town is The National Children’s Museum?

14. Which three adjectives apply to the three types of cheese made in Lancashire?

15. Leeds has a Playhouse and York a Theatre Royal but where is the Alhambra Theatre?

16. How long is the stretch of the Blackpool Illuminations: more or less than five miles?

17. Which current megastar was born in HebdenBridge?

18. For which local food are Haslingden and Bury particularly noted?

19. Where in Yorkshire is the world’s oldest sweetshop established in 1827?

20. In which century was the county of Lancashire established?

What's 'E on abaht?

What’s ‘E on abaht?

Here Adam poses a vocabulary quiz from our local Northern dialects. Can you guess the correct definition from the following three options for:

1.Shives (Lancashire dialect)

A) small low clouds in a clear sky B) slices of bread or cake C) artificial sores, made by beggars to excite charity

2.Slindgy (Yorkshire dialect)

A) tall, gaunt and sinewy B) to walk in an affected mincing manner C) to poke around with one’s nose, as dogs do

Adam Jacot de Boinod

Adam Jacot de Boinod was a researcher for Stephen Fry’s BBC television series QI, which led to an interest in words.

Adam is the author of The Meaning of Tingo and Other Extraordinary Words from around the World, published by Penguin Books.

Quiz answers:

1.August 1st 2.Sir Ian McKellan 3.Bradford 4.The Arctic Monkeys 5.Ormskirk 6.David Hockney 7.They are all Lancashire breweries 8.Huddersfield 9.Dickie Bird 10.The Devil 11.Sandcastle Water Park 12.The George Hotel 13.Halifax 14.Creamy, Crumbly and Tasty 15.Bradford 16. More (6.2 miles) 17.Ed Sheeran 18.Black Pudding 19.Patley Bridge 20.The 12th century (1183)

Definition answers:

1.B slices of bread or cake 2. A – tall, gaunt and sinewy