Skinny Bird

Skinny Bird | Poetry

by Northern Life

John Williams, Colne

I was watching telly the other day
We’re going over to the Savoy
For a fashion show by some French guy
I thought I’ll watch this
I like to see good looking models doing their stuff
But after ten minutes I’d seen enough
These skinny birds strutting up and down
Trying to look good in some expensive gown.
No bust, no bum, thin legs, thin arms
All elbows, high cheekbones and definitely no charms
What’s the world coming to, this is the latest look
It gets a big zero in my book
Let’s have a real woman on the catwalk showing us their charms
Nice bust, nice bum and no more skinny arms
As for that lot, flat chest and no hips
They want to stop dieting and try some steak and chips!