She’s Sew Yorkshire

Costume maker creating a hustle and bustle in Herriot Country

Sew Yorkshire

A North Yorkshire based costume maker, who has worked on internationally successful costume dramas as well as local theatre productions, is now offering her skills as a dressmaker and sewing teacher via a new sewing school.

Faye Clements from Thirsk, who previously worked in PR and Marketing, retrained in fashion design and costume several years ago and now works as a freelance dressmaker via her company White Rose Costumier. She has also recently begun teaching people to make clothes through Sew Yorkshire, a new sewing school.

“Being able to make clothes for a living is a great job. I’ve worked with some extremely talented and experienced designers and makers and have learned a huge amount from them. It can be a very hard job, but also very rewarding”.

Faye received all her training in Yorkshire and the North East through the Cleveland College of Art and Design and the Northern College of Costume in York. She quickly found work in TV and theatre, both making costumes and working on film sets. She spent several months in Scotland working on the hit 18th Century drama ‘Outlander’ which is currently being shown on Amazon Prime, as well as working for both the BBC and ITV in Yorkshire.

“There is a great similarity between fashion and costume of course. What is considered costume today was the height of fashion in the past. I enjoyed fashion design but found myself feeling very envious of the students who were doing costume. It looked so much more exciting and required so much more practical skill. I really wanted to learn to make elaborate costumes and make them to a high standard. Costume is like a work of art”.

After deciding to take the freelance route and work for herself, Faye has developed her own business, White Rose Costumier which is based in her workroom in Northallerton and is now hoping to make bespoke costumes and garments for private clients; “I love steampunk and corsetry. I’d love to make historical wedding dresses too”.


Faye also offers sewing lessons to help people learn to make their own clothes; “I started Sew Yorkshire as I thought teaching would be something I would enjoy. It’s nice to help people become better sewers and offer a creative outlet. It’s great fun. I can teach absolute beginners and I hope to offer more advanced classes such as corsetry and pattern making. Lots of people offer sewing lessons in soft furnishings but not many offer teaching in garment construction. I want to offer something a bit different”.

Faye is available for both private and theatrical work as well as lessons.