Sharon’s Laughter Lines

Sharon Wadsley

As poets go, Sharon Wadsley admits she’s nowhere the same league as Keats and Wordsworth, but she just loves writing rhymes that make people laugh.

Sharon, from Lytham, has written no fewer than 1,000 humorous poems that she shares with readers of her debut book Life Lines and by giving readings Pam Ayres-style to groups such as Women’s Institutes.

Sharon freely admits that Pam Ayres has been one of her big inspirations, along with the rich vein of northern humour that she encounters in everyday life.Whether it’s family gatherings, PMT, snobby women, snotty kids, Spam, gaining weight, losing weight, shoe shopping, the flirtatious tradesman, the dreaded dentist…it’s all there in Sharon’s work.

“There’s so much misery going on in the world that we all need a laugh to lighten things up,” says Sharon, 50. Sharon wasn’t laughing much when she tried to get her book Life Lines published. “I couldn’t get anyone interested, so I self-published it,” she says.

“It’s the same trying to get bookshops interested in selling it. They seem to want thrillers but if you mention poetry they seem to think it’s someone trying to be Keats or Wordsworth. All I do is write funny rhymes.

“I’m selling the book mostly through Amazon” Sharon, who works at Greenhalgh’s bakers shop in Lytham, keeps her ears open for everyday slips of the tongue. For instance, she chuckled over the lady who was going to a wedding and thought of wearing a fascinator…or as she called it, ‘a fornicator.’


“If I see or hear something that strikes me as funny, I’ll write it down in a notebook. If I don’t do that, I’ll forget. Some of it is straight from real life, and some it of it is partly made up. I try to write something every day if I can.”

The first person who gets to read Sharon’s rhymes is husband Roy, who works at BAe, Warton. “Roy will go through them and give me his opinion, and he’ll correct my punctuation. I’m always putting the full stops and commas in the wrong place.”

Sharon’s Life Lines book, published two years ago, has around 70 poems in it, so with a stockpile of 1,000 and more written every week, Sharon has plenty more in the can to select from for her next publication.

“I’ll have another try to get it published, but if I can’t get anyone interested I’ll self-publish again,” she says. “The main thing is to get them out there somehow and give people a laugh.”

Read Sharon’s poem Marital Mayhem.

Some of Sharon’s chuckle-worthy rhymes are printed here, and more of them will appear in ‘Readers Poems’ in future issues of Northern Life. Life Lines: A Lyrical Laugh at Life by Sharon Wadsley is published by Xlibris and is on sale at Amazon, £9.99 paperback, £4.99 Kindle.