Shake Well

by Northern Life

Winifred Smith, Colne

If only we could bottle it put
it on the National Health
Whoever dared to patent it
would be wallowing in wealth
We would need no more
prescriptions equipped
with the elixir of life
We’d really have it made no
more stress or hopeless strife.
Injections would be obsolete and no more popping pills
It would empty all the chemists, cure all pain and ills
It’s been the well known adage throughout the centuries
A simple worthwhile cure to chase away anxieties.
The only remedy worth having in our small lives so humdrum
If we keep our sense of humour, to ill health we’d ne’er succumb
So put away the linctus, no more capsules ‘neath the tongue
Keep on smiling broadly, laughter the only certain medicine.