September Love

by Northern Life

By Jim Atherton, Blackpool

I remember when in the days back then, as caressed by the autumn breeze
We saw squirrels scampering to and fro beneath the woodland trees
Life was grand as we walked hand in hand, such days I still remember
I sing the praise of those golden days, back in that September.

The leaves they turned from green to gold, then drifted lazily down
In that woodland way at the close of day, out there on the edge of town
Just me and you when love was new, out there in the autumn mist
With no-one near to interfere as I dared to share a kiss.

You captured me with all your charms, why I never stood a chance
I stood and held you in my arms within the rapture of romance
Other days since have come and gone but I always will remember
And will ne’er forget the day we met, back then in mid September.