Secrets | Poetry

by Northern Life

Gillian Herbert, Colne

I wish we hadn’t secrets, because it broke my heart finding out.
When your life is going nicely, and someone lets the secret out.
It wouldn’t really matter; who on earth they tell
I was living a lovely life, now my life is hell!
Why didn’t he tell me, I thought those years were real and true
Now that makes a mockery of my life spent with you.
It hurts so much to think about it, I’m trying to hold back the tears.
All those treasured moments, all those wasted years.
Can I trust another? My heart tells me no.
So who knows how life will open up, along that path we go.
A trust so carefully broken, but I won’t linger on.
I’ll take a deep breath, and from this moment, I’ll no longer think of you.
So go and hurt someone else, I’m starting my life anew.