by Northern Life

Ena Barker, Barnoldswick

I always enjoy the flowers in seasons from spring to winter.
Spring with the daffodils, ever so tall
Their golden trumpets overlooking all,
And primulas, a colourful sight,
Snowdrops with petals snowy and white.
This is the beauty of flowers in spring.
See what happiness flowers can bring.
With roses, pink, red and white,
Tea-roses, floribundas mixed – what a sight.
Violets and daisies, lupins quite tall
The green of the ivy clings to the wall.
The trees turning to brown,
Golden leaves fall to the ground.
Blackberries and apples hang from the trees,
Branches waving around in the breeze.
At the end of the year winter is here.
Icicles droop overhead.
Holly, mistletoe, snowdrops so white
Making the garden a colourful sight,
Waiting for spring coming once more
With flowers so pretty – blooming encore!!