Seaside Bingo

by Northern Life

By ‘Aemot’, Keighley

It’s any line, across or down,
Four corners for a win.
The middle square’s a freebie –
So put your money in.

Four and two is forty two,
By itself – a seven.
Two fat ladies, eighty-eight,
Those lovely, legs eleven.

Any way up – that’s sixty nine,
Downing Street is ten.
The pension age is sixty-five,
And here we go again.

Was she worth it – seven and six,
Unlucky for some, thirteen.
Both the three’s are dirty knees –
Drawn numbers shown on screen.

Doctor’s orders – number nine,
On the floor, that’s four.
Clickety click is sixty six,
Twenty one is key of the door.

Five and nine – the Brighton Line –
Garden gate – an eight
Half a crown is two and six
You’re sweating now – just wait…

Top-o’-the-shop is ninety,
Blind fifty’s half a ton.
Halfway there is forty five –
Shout BINGO! You’ve just won!