Rosie Millen

Top tips from the UK’s Leading Burnout Coach, Rosie Millen

by Northern Life

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For the first time, the World Health Organisation has officially added burnout to its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) – it will be globally recognised as a disease from 2022.  The UK’s Leading Burnout Coach, Rosie Millen, specialises in burnout and helping others transform their energy by making changes to their diet, lifestyle and mindset.

Rosie has been living with Burnout since 2014, when she collapsed one day in the park. Rosie stayed in bed for 3 months, she couldn’t move, couldn’t talk and at her worst she couldn’t lift her head off the pillow. Rosie managed to get herself to the doctors one day but all of the tests came back as “normal” From her educational background, she knew about the adrenal glands and how stress can affect energy, so Rosie began testing herself – “it became pretty clear I had burnout.” Rosie’s life finally did a 180 after changing her diet, lifestyle, mind-set and exercise regime. Today Rosie is about 90% recovered. “My energy is back and I’m living my life with a new and improved perspective.”

“Just because you have bad day it doesn’t mean you have a bad life! However it’s hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes so here are my tip 5 tips”:

Write yourself a letter covering what should you do about the rubbish things in order for them to get better

For example, “Dear Lucy, I know that you are frustrated that you haven’t reached your financial goals yet but instead of focusing on the money, focus on the aspects of your career that you love and the money will come.”

See how easy it is?!

Think about the new chapter and what you could do differently

Ask yourself – “If I was starting all over what would I do?” That way you can feel more assured that when a similar thing happens again you are more likely to deal with the pitfalls.

Stop ruminating on the shitty day

Don’t think about it! Nothing lasts forever! Everything is fleeting and tomorrow is a new day.

Plan something fun and buy tickets!

See what’s going on in town and buy tickets to the next cool event you want to go to. Take your friends and go! When you’re down and out you’ve got to get out and about. Turn your mind on again and do things that are fun to lift you and put your negative thinking into perspective.


What better way to release all the anger and the feel good endorphins! Anything is good, even if it’s just 15/20 minutes. It will give you an instant boost and you’ll feel more positively refreshed.