If true love means more than giving a bunch of roses and a box o’ chocs one day of the year, the best way to really show that special someone your endless love, is to whisk them away somewhere (almost) as special as they are.

You’re over 50 but still a hopeless romantic, so let 2019 be the year to surprise your lifetime lover (or lover of a lifetime), by taking them to a place they’ll fall in love with (nearly) as much they are with you!

Celebrate your love far and wide with one of our top ten romantic experiences, kiss and cuddle, make everlasting memories or simply…

1Walk hand in hand in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet

Balcony by Juliet house in Verona, Veneto region, Italy.

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, thanks to the forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet, let yourself be enticed by Verona’s breathtaking scenery, extraordinary architecture and the famous 14th Century Juliet’s Balcony. Go weak at the knees as you recreate one of the love story’s famous scenes – though hopefully not the ending. Take a stroll together through the historic streets with its medieval buildings and Roman ruins; falling in love with this alluring city.

Visit Verona on a Simply Lake Garda tour.

2Journey back in time with a steam train ride

The Jacobite steam train passing the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland

Travel back to a bygone era and experience the nostalgia of steam train travel. One of the most romantic, the Jacobite Steam Train weaves along Scotland’s West Highland Railway line, with its majestic mountain scenery and coastal views transporting travelers back to the 1930’s. The 41-mile journey featured in the Harry Potter films, will have any loved-up duo spellbound. It’s a truly magical experience for lovers of train travel and each other.

Enjoy a journey on the Jacobite Steam Train as part of this Edinburgh, The Highlands & Islands itinerary.

3Drink and dine in style

On Board the Orient-Express

What could be more romantic than sipping chilled champagne whilst sat on one of the world’s most famous luxury trains as it glides through French and Italian countryside? Elegant carriages, first class service and beautiful scenery all combine to transport guests to yesteryear; the golden age of rail travel. It’s time to sweep your love interest right off their feet as they alight the luxurious Venice Simplon-Orient-Express destined for The Floating City.

Fine dining aboard is just one of the pleasure of travelling on to Venice & The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

4Kiss and cuddle in front of a campfire

Norway Huskies

Rug up, pucker up and look up on this romantic treat. This lover’s intimate interlude is a cosy affair as you canoodle by the flickering flames of a real fire, gazing at the immense night sky ready for an unforgettable performance of the Northern Lights. Arms around your sweetheart, snuggled together, another forever ‘remember when’ moment is made as you share in the wonder of one of the world’s amazing natural phenomenon’s.

Experience a campfire, visit reindeer and feast in a Lavvu tent as part if the Huskies and the Northern Lights Sami experience.

5Get hot & steamy… but we’re not just talking under the covers

Two Sicilian landmarks on one photo

Red hot lovers with the urge for more than a meander hand in hand should venture up Europe’s largest active volcano to get the heart racing. From the crater top of the mighty Mount Etna breathtaking views abound. The Mediterranean isle and Italian gem is also known for its hot peppers, so plan on dinner sending your mercury sky high on this Italian getaway.

Excursion to the top of Mount Etna as part of this Sicily & Mount Etna holiday

6Set sail for romance and create your fairytale ending

Write your own romantic ending whilst aboard an enchanting fairytale cruise. Fall in love with the true beauty of the backdrop as well as the architecture, cuisine and relaxed pace of life aboard a River Danube luxury cruise.

Five-star cruising aboard this Five-Star Danube Cruise.

7Steal kisses at the golden hour

Taj Mahal at the sunrise, Arga, India

Where better to feel the power of burning love than watching the sun descend behind one the world’s most famous monuments, the Taj Mahal. As the sun sets over India’s most iconic building, its pearlescent white facade exhibits a spectrum of golden colours. As the lights fades, your heart is set on fire as you recollect that this marble mausoleum is dedicated to the beloved queen of Emperor Shah Jahan; an impressive reminder of one of the greatest love stories ever told. No wonder its also listed as one of the seven in the world.

Marvel at the splendour of the Taj Mahal at sunset by joining this Tigers, The Taj Mahal and Mumbai tour.

8Celebrate a special anniversary with a once-in-a-lifetime journey

Pride of Africa near Oudtshoorn Cape Province

It may be on the bucket-list already but there is no better time to pack your bags and tick it off than marking a milestone in your marriage. A once in a lifetime journey aboard a luxury train is just the ticket and if you’re going to do it in style, why not book one of the best trains on the planet! Journey aboard The Pride of Africa and as you sip champagne travelling through South Africa’s heartland you’ll probably want to pinch yourself (and your partner) more than once.

Journey aboard the luxurious Ride of Africa as part of this exciting tour Nambia & The Pride of Africa.

9Kiss under the mistletoe

Glacier Express in Winter

Seeking breathtaking scenery, romance and a magical kiss under the mistletoe for New Year 2020? It’s time to whisk the one of your dreams to the dizzy heights of a winter wonderland. Celebrate the festive season with a journey by train through snow-capped mountains looking over sparkling frozen lakes before a gala dinner to welcome in the New Year. Make that kiss on the twelfth chime extra special and a symbol of your true love.

Make this Glacier Express All Inclusive at New Year tour the highlight of your year

10Pop the question

Paris aerial view at night

As the setting of many passionate happenings in films, why not go all out if you’re planning to propose. If you’ve been waiting all these years for that special someone (or you’re giving it another shot), where better to seek your dearly beloved’s hand in marriage than in the beating heart of France. Take a sunset cruise along the river Seine or stroll along the Champs-Élysées and find out for yourself why Paris is declared one of the most romantic cities globally. Make sure to visit the Eiffel Tower, pull your lover close, get down on one knee and say those four most important words.

Enjoy the French capital of love by combining it with a trip to the Riviera The Cote D’Azur: Nice & Monaco.

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