REVIEW: Trolley Girls give us a taste of what’s to come before they head to Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Trolley Girls

Starring: Jessica Forrest and Olivia Nicholson

“there was a lot to like in the frenetic energy displayed by the duo”

Seats for the Trolley Girls gig at the Kings Arms in Salford disappeared faster than a posh pud in the whoops isle. The performing space that remained was crammed with a range of characters all created and performed by Jessica Forrest and Olivia Nicholson.

This coming of age story starts with two friends working at Asda, who allow you to laugh at their expense as you follow them through their journey of misadventures. You can expect observations on the small-town state of mind, and Northern ways one minute, maybe a cringe at teen angst relationships the next, all sprinkled with comedy versions of well-known songs. By the time you get to know them a bit you find the main characters quite endearing, and for all the show’s farce and micky taking, it’s actually quite sweet too.

The show’s mix of slapstick, pop culture and bawdiness went down well with the twenty somethings in the audience and there was a lot to like in the frenetic energy displayed by the duo. If I was going to pick holes in the show I’d say it needs a little more time to tighten up some of the dance routines, and parts of the script need a bit of a tweak, but the enthusiasm of the pair was infectious and likeable, even for those of a slightly older age.

If you’re off to the Edinburgh Festival this year you can catch them at The Fringe, where you’ll find them ‘on special’ for ten days at The Pear Tree (venue 257) from the 17th to 27th August at 1:30pm.




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