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Revealed: The Best Places to Retire in the North

by Northern Life

From its breath-taking landscapes to the world-famous tourist attractions, there is no place quite like the north. What’s more, this beloved part of the country is a coveted retirement destination that offers residents both value for money and fantastic locations.

To help break things down, the team at Expert Pension Claims has compiled a list of places in the north that offer the very best retirement experiences. The factors of average property price, transport links, points of interest, and access to green spaces were all considered when it came to gathering rankings. Take a look.

1. York 

Places to retire

At the very top of the list, we have the medieval city of York. From the ancient city walls to the almighty Minister, York boasts a historical charm like no other northern city. However, the city is so much more than its aesthetics.

Due to its flat landscape that offers very accessible cycling and walking routes, York is one of the most sustainable transport cities in the UK. As well as this, it is located very close to its neighbouring cities and The Yorkshire Dales for all of those adventurous days out. What’s more, the average property price of York is just £295,339, which is a bargain considering what the city has to offer.

2. Lancaster 

Places to retire

Known as being one of England’s Heritage Cities, Lancaster is a fantastic place to retire. In return for the average property price of just £200,128, residents have a range of attractions on their doorstep. This includes picturesque green spaces such as Williamson Park and historical buildings such as the great Lancaster Castle.

Those with bikes will be pleased to know that a range of cycling routes are dotted conveniently throughout the city. That being said, there is no surprise why Lancaster is even named as the UK’s “best haven for cyclists”. Furthermore, the city offers plenty of bus and train services to get you where you need to be.

3. Southport

Places to retire

We’re off to the seaside now with Southport. Situated in Merseyside, this coastal town offers a truly idyllic retirement experience. Aside from its sandy beaches, Southport also offers residents a variety of green spaces to enjoy, including the picturesque Hesketh Park.

When it comes to travelling around, train stations are conveniently situated throughout Southport and Merseyside. Not to mention, Liverpool is very close by for all of those days out in the vibrant city. On average, property prices around Southport stand at around £218,739.

4. The Lake District

Places to retire

Now, this list just had to mention the most gorgeous part of the UK that is The Lake District. Offering mountains, valleys, lakes, villages and more, The Lake District really is the whole retirement package.

With the range of transport services available, getting to and around The Lake District is also fairly easy. Not to mention, there are plenty of walking trails! While there are many stunning areas in The Lakes to live in (with some being more expensive than others) the average property price stands at just £273,687.

5. Bollington 

Places to retire

Tucked away in the Cheshire countryside, Bollington is a village that is praised for its glorious landscapes and serene nature. Known as the “Happy Valley” on the edge of the Peak District, the town offers a selection of social hubs for its residents, including the Bolly’s art centre and well-maintained recreation grounds.

The average house price for this area is £288,729, which is a steal given its location and amenities. With regards to travel, Bollington is close to the popular town of Macclesfield, which offers high-speed rail connections to London and Manchester. Furthermore, there is a regular bus service that goes directly to Macclesfield and back.

6. The Yorkshire Dales 

Places to retire

Yorkshire is commonly referred to as being “God’s own country”, and it’s easy to see why when you have areas such as the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Boasting rich cultural heritage and outstanding views, this northern destination truly lets you retire in both comfort and style.

Bus and coach links in the Dales are also known for being excellent, meaning that getting around to access amenities is very easy. There is also a selection of walking trails for residents to embark on – the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail is particularly recommended. With regards to the cost of living, £297,402 is The Yorkshire Dales’ average property price.

7. Skipton 

Places to retire

Known as North Yorkshire’s friendly market town, Skipton is a wonderful place to retire, with the average property price being £292,143. In addition to its history and culture, the town is full of independent shops and restaurants for residents to enjoy.

Avid walkers will also be pleased to know that there are plenty of green spaces and walking trails dotted throughout the town. In fact, did you know that Skipton is one of the gateways into the Yorkshire Dales?

For getting around, Skipton also offers good bus and rail links, with modern electric trains running frequently from both Leeds and Bradford.

8. Ripon 

Places to retire

Staying in North Yorkshire, we finally have the cathedral city of Ripon. From Fountains Abbey to Newby Hall and Gardens, Ripon is drenched in interesting history and offers a range of pleasant walks for future retirees to enjoy.

On the subject of travel, various bus services operate in and around the Ripon area, which can go directly to Harrogate and York railway stations. As well as this, the average property price stands at £296,825.

And there you have it! Eight places in the north that offer a truly spectacular retirement experience.

We all know that saving up for retirement, especially one in such idyllic locations, is something that requires a great deal of focus and commitment from the outset. That being said, it is important to know that it’s never too early to start saving up for your golden years, whether that’s through opening up a Help-to-Buy ISA or increasing your pension contributions.

Speaking about this, James Wallis, Financial Adviser and Founder of Aristotle Financial Planning, said:

“There is no harm in asking and doing your research, but it is important to know that having capital available initially and on an ongoing basis is going to be important. So many people in the older generation are moving into these fabulous retirement properties because many years ago, they understood the importance of saving and building up their wealth,”

He added: “The earlier you start building wealth, the more likely your retirement dream is going to be achievable. Once you put the money away, it’s amazing how quickly you will learn not to miss it.”