The very best of Rate My Brew — National tea day

Rate My Brew

If you consider yourself an fan of a good ol’ cuppa tea, you need to take a check out the r/RateMyTea subreddit. Rate My Brew (also known as Rate My Tea or Rate My Cuppa) is one of those sites that just doesn’t disappoint. It’s on a par with flicking through the reviews section on Amazon and finding little pearls of wisdom. Or like this chap who eloquently conveyed his disappointment with B&Q’s builders sand through the medium of poetry!

Rate My Brew calls upon fellow Redditors to share their opinions and tips on the art (yes, it is an art!) of brew making. In the name of National Tea Day we’ve picked out some of our favourites but you must click through and read the comments, it’s strangely addictive!

Put the kettle on, kick your feet up and enjoy…


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