Praana King Coconut Water

Coconut Water is taking the world by storm but leading the market is PRAANA who have created the 100% natural King Coconut Water.

This best tasting coconut water (not too sweet and not too bland!) is packaged in an environmentally friendly way that is 100% recyclable and makes a great alternative to natural water and even better – is perfect for adding to cocktails, mocktails or even smoothies!

The King Coconut Water will take you on a taste journey to Sri Lanka, the origin of the jewel that is the king coconut, leaving you refreshed and revitalised. It has no artificial flavours or colours and is from a single origin in Sri Lanka. The King Coconut is designed by nature for drinking and only contains 64 calories making it an ideal sports or health drink too! Exceptionally hydrating and perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot summer’s day.

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The King coconut is a golden coloured coconut indigenous to the South Asian island of Sri Lanka and naturally designed for drinking purposes. Grown as a ‘wild’ fruit, king coconuts are collected by specialist farmers who harvest them when the water is at its best and ensure there is no human intervention so they are 100% organic.

Traditional coconut water is made from green coconuts which have a very different consistency and taste to the king coconut, as well as less known health benefits.


The King Coconut is the only natural drink that has been designed by nature for the sole purpose of drinking straight off the tree. It’s full of electrolytes and is a premium source of hydration, making it the perfect beverage to be enjoyed after exercise instead of sports drinks that are full of added sugars. It also contains bio-active enzymes which promote a healthy digestive system and metabolism, while the potassium in the water contributes to the normal function of muscles and blood pressure.

But what’s the difference?

King and green coconuts on the beach in Sri Lanka

King coconut

  • Grown in Sri Lanka
  • Bright golden, orange colour
  • Average of 35% less sugar than green
  • Contains twice as much magnesium
  • Naturally designed for drinking
  • Natural sweet taste
  • Contains iron

Green coconut

  • Designed to be used in cooking
  • More common and globally used
  • Less water contents and more meat
  • Many brands add sugar for taste
  • Many are not organic
  • Thicker shell

PRAANA Organic Coconut Water is extracted from the King Coconut the botanic name of which is Cocos Nucifera var. aurantiaca. The outer hull, the exocarp is orange in colour which is why the people of Sri Lanka where this coconut originates from call it ‘thambili’ which means orange. The King Coconut is smaller and more oval-shaped than the young green coconuts found in other parts of Asia and that are known as drink-coconut. PRAANA King Coconut Water is bottled with great manual skill. All the ingredients are natural and organically sourced.

Available to buy on-line from Amazon, ebay and

Inspiration for how to use PRAANA King Coconut Water:

  • Chilled as a refreshing drink – the perfect refreshment! If you want to add more colour to your summer drinks mix in some raspberries and lemon grass!
  • It’s perfect for preparing chia pudding! Just mix the chia seeds with adequate King Coconut Water and place in the fridge overnight to soak!
  • For a sophisticated dessert make a jelly out of this coconut water together with agar and white wine or freeze it with fruit as a sorbet.
  • Smoothie lovers take note! King Coconut Water will add lots of minerals to your creations.
  • Try it with hot lemon: heat the coconut water, add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and here comes your power drink!

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