A Postcard from Cleveleys

by Northern Life

cleveleysAs is customary, I’ll start my article with a mention of the weather – and what glorious weather we’ve had here at Cleveleys! All bar a few days in August it’s been a ‘proper’ summer and I’ve certainly enjoyed it.

Frustratingly, the weather here is often much better than the forecast – we seem to have our own little microclimate – so many a holidaymaker probably stays at home for the day or weekend, when they could enjoy a lovely day out.

We have a solution for that too – our own weather cam. It just points at the beach, so you can also catch the sunsets with it, but it’s a good indication of what the weather is doing relative to what the weatherman says. It’s been a pleasure to see people at the seaside, enjoying a walk on the promenade, a stroll or a paddle, or the attractions and shops, depending on which is their preference.

However, as I could have promised, the four Sundays in a row when the Rossall Beach Group should have been doing their annual fun event on the seafront, the weather spoiled itself, so our event ended up being cancelled. We’ll be trying again, round about the time when this magazine hits the shelves, with the Big Beach Clean on 21 September. We do this every year, and it’s part of the Marine Conservation Society event which is held each September all over the UK.

Not only will we be recording the rubbish which is collected, we’ll also be having a bit of fun and games too. We’re going to try our hand at a bit of beach art, and have a few stalls to get people involved.

This is all a precursor to our big drive to get people to take a look and join in with our madcap gang through the coming year. I can’t believe that we’ve been doing this for six years now, and it’s once again time next week for our AGM, so like all good things we’re having a bit of a shake-up and a change. If you don’t continue to evolve you can be in trouble; just ask the dinosaurs!cleveleys-group

If you’re reading this and you fancy getting involved with a group which achieves things but will help you to make friends, and keep our beach and seafront spick and span, then get in touch! ‘Beach Clean and a Brew’ is our first change that might be up your street and you can find out more at

So, what else has been happening in my world?

Well it would seem that my campaign to make my darling mother a reluctant star is taking shape. The Rossall Beach Group were in our local supermarket for a couple of days recently, and one woman wanted to know when Chrissie would be there, much to our amusement. And she’s going to be on the M&Co website in a Jeans for Genes feature which they are doing.

This was after our Chrissie Blogger had written a particularly amusing piece earlier this year about her state of undress in the changing rooms (you had to be there, it was SO funny) and our ongoing anticipation of the opening of the new store which they are currently building. So we trooped her across to the beach, dressed from head to foot in their clobber, to take her photo. We did get a few strange looks, but then you see all kinds of strange things anyway in these parts.

Speaking of Cleveleys high street, it’s a pleasure to see it so vibrant and thriving, especially when so many others throughout the country are suffering. Yes, the type of shops has changed, but that’s as much to do with a changing world, and we’ve got our fair share of charity shops too. But overall, shopkeepers have tidied up en masse, and we’ve got very few empty premises, despite the rents apparently being quite high.

A raft of town centre improvement works is just drawing to a close so now we’ve got a section of new paving, huge plant pots, new benches (albeit not enough in my opinion!) and just being completed, some new street lights, so it all looks posh.

It’s interesting to see the old photos of the town centre, because like many which have grown organically, what is now a wide pavement was once the front gardens of the properties which were originally houses. Unfortunately, many of the individual shops still own this bit of land which means that some of it is still a bit of a paving patchwork, but that’s life. I certainly feel very lucky to live here!

Still in the town centre, the campaign to reinstate the clocks in the shelter continues. With a lot of hard work and even an hour rattling a tin in the local Tesco with my little friend Val, we’re just £1,500 away from target, maybe less if everyone votes for us to get £500 from the Skipton Building Society Grassroots Fund. The manageress tipped me off to apply for it, so now I need everyone to vote. The local primary school, Manor Beach, are planning to do some fundraising now that term has started, so hopefully we’ll not be long before we can get the clocks ticking and the cherry on the top!

I must just tell you about my new special delivery before I finish. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that we are working with the Friends of Blackpool Illuminations, and I’m an Ambassador with them. Well, as part of that, we’ve done a new website all about the Lights, which was launched at the beginning of September as they were turned on. I feel like a proud mother. It’s taken a lot of hard work and there’s still so much to do, but you have to draw a line or you’d never finish anything. And that was just as my laptop died. I can’t even begin to tell you how stressed I felt! Have a look at my new baby anyway, you’ll find it at

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