polish beef rolls

Polish beef rolls

by Northern Life

polish beef rollsPolish beef rolls and how to upset the neighbours. I am in London, staying with my best friend Zalia who is Polish. I have sacrificed myself to her culinary delights and now at 11.55pm am having a bit of trouble lifting my lardy arse from the sofa. Zalia made us zrazy wolowe. She’d never made it before and I thought it was going to be bloody awful.

There are a few pictures missing because when Zalia started bashing the meat to flatten it out, her neighbour downstairs went completely mad and tried to kick the door in. I went to have a chat with the neighbour and missed Zalia laying the bacon on the beef, putting the pickle and onion on and rolling it all up. Here’s the recipe;

  • ‘Sizzling’ steak pieces
  • A slice of smoked bacon for every steak
  • A couple of pickled cucumbers, sliced lengthways.
  • An onion, sliced
  • Mustard
  • Flour for thickening sauce
  • Cocktail sticks for securing beef rolls

Polish Beef RollsTake the ‘sizzler steak’ pieces and bash them about a bit until the neighbour objects, spread with mustard, lay a piece of bacon on top, lay on the pickled cucumber and onion and roll up.
Secure with cocktail sticks.
Coat with seasoned flour and fry to brown.
While frying, fill a wide saucepan with enough water so that it comes half way up the beef rolls. Add a bay leaf to the water if you have one. If not don’t worry as I can’t imagine it makes a lot of difference. Bring to the boil and then simmer.

Put the rolls in the water, cover with a lid and simmer for about an hour. Watch for it drying out.

Thicken the sauce with a flour and water paste or cornflour and water.

Heat til thickened, check seasoning and serve.

It was so delicious and tender and moreish and that’s why I ate too much. But I’m on holiday so I’m allowed.Polish Beef Rolls