Tracing Paper for Toilet Roll in 1964

by Norman Redman, Hessle

I was born on a street with
houses built on one side
Across the road there was
a factory, not trying to hide.
Built there behind our
High back yard brick wall
Was Daltery Street School,
my first lessons and first fall.
A prefab for the young uns,
bricks and mortar the rest
Those outside bloody toilets
were no fun in your vest.

If you needed a number two,
then I’m afraid God help you
Tracing paper for toilet roll
was all we had for a poo.
It was perfect for copying
a moonlight or the sun
But definitely not fit for purpose
when you were wiping your bum.
It was as hard as steel or iron
and near stiff as a board
In those days of not much
was all the schools could afford.

It had antiseptic values
and coupled with that smell
the pain of being used
Was all I could remember to tell.
Theere wasn’t many things
you’d use this paper for,
You see Izal was all we had
so near after that last war.
Not everything in those days
was rough, helpless or sad
I have plenty of good memories
Of being a young Hessle Road lad.