Astrid Middleton, the bard of Barlick. Photo by Alex Cowland

I Am Standing

by Astrid Middleton

From Astrid Middleton’s book My Vision in Words

I am standing in a quaint town square, but I know not where I am
I breathe in the community spirit; soon to become a fan…
Cards, sweets, cake and ice cream
Butchers, bakers and flowers in between

Cobblers, carpets, chemists and cafes
Antiques, boutiques and a choice of takeaways
Crafts, gifts, jewellery and cosmetics
Charities, beauticians and a variety of specialists

In the springtime the flowerbeds bloom
The bands begin to play
In the summer families gather at the beach
Mr Whippy won’t be far away

As the autumn leaves fall by the cenotaph
Our heroes are remembered
Christmas begins as the lanterns parade
Winter sparkles throughout December

Pubs, parks and places to eat
A smile upon the face of everyone you meet
Schools, nurseries and people at work
Palpable happiness; no time to irk

A place of history
A place of care
A place to be proud of
A place to share

More than a town
Somewhere to call home
More than people
A family is born

Beside The Leeds and Liverpool Canal
Nestled amidst the hills
Is a town that has a story to tell
Open your heart and listen at will

I am standing at the top of Weets Hill, gazing down in awe
Barnoldswick is a beautiful town in which to live; that and so much more…

From Astrid Middleton’s book My Vision in Words available from Amazon.