Playa Del Ingles

by Northern Life

Sharon Mawdesle, Rossendale

A week in Gran Canaria looking for the sun,
Fifteen years since last we went, I remember having fun
Sad to say in all this time the place has not moved on –
The sun was there, a nice hotel, but all character has gone.
Peeling paint and faded bars, menu pictures all turned green,
Marspaolmas nudist beach, some things are best unseen!

The Senegalese are out in force, Rolex, Ray-Ban, yes of course!
Lovely Jubbly, morning price, of course I’m going to ask you twice.
Gay bars seedy, once were funny, now just try to take your money,
Worn out trannies caked in make-up, padded bras (is there a ‘J’ cup?)
Innuendo, corny jokes, coked-up teens with vodka cokes.
Times have changed, but sad to say this place is stuck in yesterday.

Neon cocktails ‘two for one’, two euros for a pint of beer,
Benny Hill Bar, Irish bars, ‘Elvis’ in his 70th year.
German bars on every street, at least they had good beer,
Should be ‘Playa Del Deusch’ with all the Germans staying here!
Still, at least we spent a great week together
My husband and I, and we did have the weather!