Plastic free jute bag displayed by students of Fitzmaurice school.
Fitzmaurice School pupils celebrating their breaking of the world record for the World's Largest Jute Bag on International Plastic Bag Free Day.

A plastic free jute bag the size of nine double-decker buses has surpassed the Guinness World Record after it was hoisted to the sky at a primary school in Bradford-on-Avon.

Pupils from Fitzmaurice School helped a local business, Cotton Bag Co, to snatch the record for the World’s Largest Jute Bag on International Plastic Bag Free Day in an attempt to make a statement to the general public on reducing plastic usage.

At a size roughly equal to the size of 67,812 regular-sized jute bags, it certainly does draw attention to the issue. By making such a huge (literally!) statement in Plastic Free July, the schoolchildren hope to encourage people to start using bags that are made from plant-based materials or paper.

Jon Marling, managing director of Cotton Bag Co, said:

“We make every effort to figure out how we can support sustainable solutions using environmentally friendly materials that are easy to reuse and recycle such as jute, cotton, or paper.”

In a further attempt to channel their message of reducing plastic usage and production of waste, the bag will be cut up and given to the children of the school so that they can each make their own smaller bags or pencil cases from the material.

This record follows a previous record that was obtained by sister company Paper Bag Co 2015, which saw them create the World’s Largest Paper Bag.


This world record should act as a reminder to everyone, young or old – buying a plastic bag every time you go out contributes to plastic deposits in the ocean and marine habitats, and ultimately all of this plastic usage will come back to bite us. The simplest change could even be just scrapping the plastic shopping bags and making an effort to bring a bag out shopping with you!

It is our responsibility to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and by being more aware of the importance of reducing our plastic use we are helping make the world a better place.

Cotton Bag Co are known to produce eco-friendly reusable bags, supplying a whole range of businesses across the UK with an alternative to single-use plastic bags.

For more information on the World Record attempt, head to the Cotton Bag Co website.



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