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Pigeon fanciers will flock to Blackpool for the largest gathering of pigeon fanciers in the UK

by Northern Life

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association celebrates the
47th British Homing World Show Of The Year, in Blackpool

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association has announced the 2020 British Homing World Show Of The Year. Taking place at Blackpool’s renowned Winter Gardens on Saturday 18 January and Sunday 19 January, it is the largest gathering of pigeon fanciers in the UK. The event attracts over 25,000 visitors to the town every year.

Across the two days, the main event will be the showing and judging of over 2,000 top racing pigeons that have come from across the UK. There will also be trade stands, auctions, groups and organisations, talks, films and an area for young pigeon fanciers. Alongside this, pigeon fanciers will be able to enter a raffle with the chance to win two brand new pigeon lofts. Whether you are a new member, curious about pigeons or a veteran pigeon fancier, all are welcome.

pigeon fanciers

Dubbed the ‘Crufts of the pigeon world’ the British Homing World Show of the Year has 33 categories that birds will be judged in. Some of the most popular categories include: ‘Best in Show’, ‘Best Racing Pigeon’ and ‘Best Show Racer’.  The first British Homing World Show of The Year was hosted at the Doncaster Racecourse Complex in 1973 and it has now grown to be a truly important event in the sport.

As an association that cares deeply about charity, the annual show has raised an incredible amount of money for charitable causes over the years. Over the last 15 years,  £250,000 has been donated to the Help the Aged charity. Proceeds raised from the 2019 British Homing World Show will be donated to Daniel Parker, a pigeon fancier from Lancashire that is paralysed from the waist down due to a motocross accident. The proceeds will help raise money for Daniel’s pigeon loft to be modified so he can continue to do the sport he loves.

Tickets for the show are available on the Royal Pigeon Racing Association’s website now. Saturday tickets are £7 and Sunday tickets cost £6. Tickets for the gala award event after the show are available for £16.

Ian Evans, the CEO of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association says: “We are looking forward to returning to Blackpool in January for our next show. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to raise money for numerous charities and will continue to do this for the 2020 event. The show is one of the biggest events in the pigeon racing calendar and there will be another high turn out for it. It’s going to be a brilliant weekend and we can’t wait to meet new and old pigeon fanciers alike. ”