POETRY: Pie Eyed by Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick

By Kevin Fitzpatrick AKA @PieEaterKev via Twitter

“I’m just off to the pie shop
I’ll only have the one”
But you know what us blokes are like
Don’t want to be outdone
Coz waiting at the counter
Are my pie eating mates
All tucking into large pork pies
Pea chasers on their plates
We down three meat n tater
And then two chunky steak
On my way home, a pie kebab
That was my big mistake
My wife’s sat at the table
Not happy that I’m late
Coz I can’t face the beer she’s brewed
She really is irate
“You’ve had more than a swift one
It’s obvious you’ve lied
You’ve had too many crusts again
You’re totally pie eyed!”