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Six top tips for savvy online shopping

Savvy shoppers are being offered tips on how to save cash online and keep web prices low. The shopping experts at Personalised Gifts Shop have…

Savvy shoppers are being offered tips on how to save cash online and keep web prices low.

The shopping experts at Personalised Gifts Shop have revealed their six top tips to dodge high prices and make the most of thrifty internet shopping.

UK shoppers are bagging thousands of items and services online each day – but they could be paying over the odds.

The team say that setting your browser to incognito, and deleting history and cookies are just some of the ways you could bag a better price.

Shopping on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will also better shoppers’ chances of cashing in on deals and discounts, as these are normally the days websites roll them out.

Leaving items in the cart for a few days also maximises the chance that discounts and promotional offers will be sent to the customer direct, as an incentive to close the deal.

A spokesperson from said: “Shoppers, quite rightly, are always thinking of ways to make their cash go further but and many people don’t realise they can do this online as well as on the High Street.

“Online shopping is huge, and many websites have developed clever ways to optimise customer spending.

“But it can be avoided, and there’s also plenty of ways to make the most of online offers and discounts by being organised and keeping a few simple tips in mind.

“We put together our six favourite, handy online hacks to help shoppers make their money go further.”

Here is the Personalised Gifts Shop top six list of online shopping hacks:

Go incognito

Online retailers can track your location, browsing and spending habits, so they know when you want something. You can easily avoid it by setting your web browser to ‘incognito’, deleting history and cookies and signing out of all social accounts to be extra safe.

Set up a special email

Get organised with your emails by setting one up specifically to sign up to shopping websites. This way you’ll get offers and discounts sent to one place, and you’re less likely to miss anything.

In fact, set up several

Go crazy, set up a few. If you sign up more than one email to a shopping website, you’re likely to get more than one discount, and more than one discount means more than one saving.

Leave items in your cart

By leaving items in your cart for a day or two without checking out you’ll be avoiding impulse buying and you might get a bonus discount in your inbox. There’s nothing worse than an unclosed sale, and many online retailers like giving an incentive to follow it through.

Pick your day to buy

Web shops normally roll out offers, deals and promotions on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Try to make the most of it by buying on these days instead of weekends.

Don’t ask, don’t get

Ever bought something online and then seen the price drop the next day? You might be able to get a refund on the difference. Many online shops issue price drop refunds after you buy.